About us

Jiyascouture is a home-grown brand operated especially by women. Serving 500 + happy customers, Jiyascouture is a brand which serves great quality of products to our customers all over India. 

We deal mainly in Jewellery & Bags, but we promise to deliver many other beautiful products as well.

I was looking for some classic jewellery pieces which should not burn a hole in one’s pocket, with my mother as my Investor and business partner, we bring you exactly that. With tremendous amount of love shown to us from our fellow customers, our dear friends & family, we could finally develop our website in front of you.

It is a brand which promises to deliver many amazing pieces at affordable prices and I hope you will also tend to fall in love with them. 

All of the pieces are personally handpicked & chosen by me from various parts of India.

Would love to see the happy smiling faces once you receive your orders.

Happy Shopping!